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What would happen if we just stopped to listen? What is God saying to you? What is your Church saying? How about your family? Your community? For 40 days, let’s all stop to listen with the goal of connecting the body together in new ways.

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Reflecting Christ. Transforming Communities.

As the Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church, our mission is to empower every person to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and a center of influence for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Does Online Ministry Even Work?

Since the pandemic started, we’ve all experienced much separation. Separation from friends and family, but also separation from those whom God called us to minister to. Watch this video to see how one department closed that gap of separation and saw God’s wondrous work through online ministry.

Hope Amidst a Storm

With devastation all around, hope seemed lost to many in the Central California mountains. In 2020, the Creek Fire storm destroyed most everything in it’s path. Watch this video of how the Central California Conference and area members restored some semblance of hope for those impacted.

COVID-19 Vaccine Questions with Dr. Maslow

Feeling unsure about the COVID-19 vaccine? Is the vaccine safe despite it being developed so quickly? Watch this and more videos from Dr. Maslow of Adventist Health where she answers many of your questions.

Love. Hope. Revival